We are here to remove your headache and put as much money in your pocket as we can, period. Make sure to ask these 7 Crucial Questions when interviewing your property manager.

Central Point of Contact. Our structure assigns one portfolio manager to your account who knows everything that’s happening with your property. No more talking to 3-4 people to find resolution.
•Neither Number nor Guinea Pig. Most companies are either so large that you’re “just a number,” or just starting out, which makes you a guinea pig. Our team has plenty of experience along with a relatively small portfolio, so you get the best of both worlds.
•Rent Collection. Tenants are more likely to pay with a professional managing the property. Systems are in place to collect rent, post notices, enforce late fees and even refer to collections.
•Eviction Management. In the event your tenant stops paying, we have systems in place to send the legal notices, file in court, obtain a judgement and follow through with eviction and collections.

•Not a Revenue Stream. Most companies use maintenance as a big revenue driver. This is the #1 most important differentiator. We charge $35/hr for general labor and pay our contractors the same. No $55 per hour, no trip charges, no upcharges, no shenanigans.
•Pass-through Contracted Labor. This means if we hire a specialist for an electrical or plumbing issue, we don’t add 10 or 20% to their bill.
•Free Inspections & Code Compliance Coordination. We perform 3 and 9 month post move-in inspections, and also coordinate the city rental certification for no extra cost.

Handling Your Headache. We make the numbers easy with accounting clarity that will keep you from ripping out any hair. From keeping track of the maintenance expenses and managing escrow funds, to your detailed monthly statements and year-end reports for tax time, we have you covered.
•Cancel Any Time. We figure if you don’t like us, we’re probably miserable with you too. No penalties, no fees, no complicated cancellation procedure.
•Professional Services Tax Deductible. Our fees are considered professional services and are entirely tax deductible!

With cutting edge technology, transparent accounting, central point of contact and maintenance costs under control, you’re going to sleep better tonight.

If a tenant we place defaults or does anything to cause eviction (lease violations, drug use, annoying the neighbors etc) in the first 6 months of occupancy, we will place another tenant for FREE. No questions asked.

For $15 per month, we’ll cover any attorney fees, court costs, and filing fees for an eviction if the need arises. Keep your peace of mind knowing that hundreds of dollars in legal costs won’t be a burden on top of the already-stressful lack of rental income you’ll be experiencing.

No more waiting for a check in the mail. We get your money in your pocket ASAP with online tenant payments, Direct Deposit for you, and an early disbursement date each month.