It all started with dog poop. Lots of it.
When Sam Persons wanted to learn about real estate and managing properties, he volunteered at a company managing apartments near Grand Valley. With an eager excitement to learn the inner workings of real estate and management, he showed up to his first day… to pick up dog poop. But he kept showing up to pick up that dog poop, and soon enough he was managing the whole complex (and getting the frat boys to pick up their own dog poop). As time passed, he recognized a gap in the industry. On one hand there were companies who simply managed very poorly (disorganized, out-dated technology etc), and on the other, companies who did it well – but charged out the nose. Shift was born to fill this gap by creating an ultra-efficient, systematized business with a simple, transparent fee structure that makes a win-win for both our bottom lines. And most importantly, when we do make mistakes, we make it right – whether it costs time, money an apology or usually all of the above.
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