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Free Rental Analysis

Our Free Rental Analysis Report pulls local data from the previous 12 months to show you what other similar properties have rented for. This unbiased report gives great insight on the market, and how your property stacks up against the competition. Call 616-466-7972 or fill out this short form to request yours!


Service Highlights

Our goal is to make every person we work with a raving fan. Take a look at a few service highlights below:


Low Maintenance Costs

Our maintenance department is not a main revenue stream, which is a huge difference from the high labor rates you’ll see elsewhere.


Quality Leasing
With professional photography, video tours, thorough screening and fast response, our leasing process is easy and seamless.


Responsive Communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than an un-returned call or email. We get that… and our reviews speak for it.


Tenant Guarantee

If we place a tenant and they aren’t living in the property for any reason within 6 months, we’ll place another tenant for free.

About Shift

Any business is simply a reflection of the people who built it. If we do say so ourselves, we’ve got a pretty awesome team. Shift was born out of frustration with our industry’s practices, and founded on a passion for people. We enjoy what we do, and you’ll be able to tell.  

  • (616) 466-7972
  • contact@shiftpropertymanagement.com
  • www.ShiftPropertyManagement.com


  • Excellent people! The people of Shift Property Management have been kind and patient with us through out this whole experience. They have answered any questions we had, resolved any problems quickly, and have have made paying rent, renewing leases, or any other assorted paper user friendly and fast. I have been renting this property for a year and half and have been beyond pleased. This is the most professional management company that I have ever worked with. I am impressed! Thanks for everything guys!
    Alice Hayward
  • After several years of managing my own property I discovered Shift Property Management through LinkedIn. My only complaint is not using them sooner. I have been very impressed with Sam’s communication and willingness to answer questions. They were able to rent our property very quickly and for significantly more than what I thought possible. I highly recommend them.
    James Thrower
  • I am a few months into the relationship with SHIFT, and so far I am very impressed. I was with another property management company before (my first time renting my house), and they had weird rules and less transparent pricing compared to SHIFT. It seems that the bigger PM companies are so set in their ways and systems that they develop a “one-size-fits-all” approach, which might be efficient for most people, but turned me away. From the beginning, SHIFT patiently listened to my many questions (which I thought were important to understand their service). They never got upset at me for asking questions and always took the time to explain (very important to me). If they could not do …
    David Shaheen
  • I am glad we hired Shift as our property management company, I was very anxious about renting our home to a complete stranger. With us being so far away and not being able to keep an eye on it I feel so comfortable knowing that they have a very strict application process and once they get a tenant in we can review everything, ask questions (and get real answers) and be up to date with everything that goes on. I will definitely recommend Shift to friends and family!
    Sol-Natalia Herrington-Catalan
  • I have been working with Shift Management for several months now and I am impressed. I oversee a property for my mother and I live out of the community most of the year. Shift got me my expected rental, takes care of all communications with the tenant, deposits the rent into my mothers account in timely manor, and has contacted me several times to see if I am satisfied or if there is an perceived need or suggestion I could make for them to improve. The agent has been personable, responsible, and accurate with handling my mothers account. Worry free is what I wanted and so far I am receiving what I wanted.
    William Kuiper
  • Since owning my rentals I have been with 3 different management companies over a period of 7 years. I believe that communication is one of the most important aspects of a business and Shift Property Management truly gets it. They understand the balance of doing whats right for both parties (tenant and owner). They not only hold their contractors work in high regard but the operations of their business as well. What I have always wanted from a management company is excellent communication, knowledge, and integrity. Thanks Shift Property Management, keep up the great work!!
    Shadi Karadsheh

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Drop us a line or request your free Rental Analysis Report! We’d love to learn about your situation and see if we’d be a good fit.

701 Fulton Street W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Monday – Friday

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(616) 466-7972

Property Management Grand Rapids MI

Grand Rapids was ranked #3 fastest growing economy by a national trade publication, and is quickly becoming a hub for the medical industry and small business alike. With that growth comes housing demand, and being in property management we’re experiencing the forefront effects of that influx as new and existing residents need rental housing. With the lowest vacancy rate in the nation according to Zillow, we’re at 1.6% compared to the national average of 7%.

This means higher rent, faster turnover, and better returns. As Grand Rapids’ highest rated Property Management, we have the systems and infrastructure in place to maximize your investment and make your experience as a landlord headache-free, reaping the full benefit of owning rental property in Grand Rapids at this exciting time!

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