We are here to remove your headache and put as much money in your pocket as we can, period. Let us tell you what makes Shift Property Management uniquely capable of doing just that:

  1. Full Service Management. This means marketing that works, leases that cover all your bases, maintenance that makes sense, and accounting clarity that will keep you from ripping out any hair.
  2. Neither Number nor Guinea Pig. Most companies are either so large that you’re “just a number,” or just starting out, which makes you a guinea pig. Our team has years of experience in property management along with a relatively small portfolio so you get the best of both worlds.
  3. Unparalleled Maintenance Crew. Our affiliate company, The Shift Group, fix-and-flipped over 30 homes in 2012 alone. This means an outstanding, competitively priced team of contractors at our disposal to handle any maintenance issue that may arise. Good maintenance means quick turnovers, less vacancy, happy tenants, well kept property and more money in your pocket.
  4. Rent Collection. Tenants are more likely to pay with a professional managing the property because systems are in place to collect rent, post notices, enforce late fees and even refer to collections.
  5. Accounting. We handle your detailed monthly statements, security deposit escrow funds, keep track of the bookkeeping headache, and make sure you’re in compliance with local and state regulations. You’ll also get an end-of-year report to make tax time easy.
  6. Eviction Management. In the event your tenant stops paying, we have systems in place to send the correct legal notices, file with the court, obtain a judgement and follow through with an eviction if necessary.
  7. Central Point of Contact. Our structure assigns one portfolio manager to your account who will be informed of all the happenings with your portfolio. No more telling your story to 3 or 4 different people before finding resolution.
  8. Most Advanced Technology Available. With owner and tenant portals, online e-pay, electronic maintenance requests and real-time property updates, we’ve thrown the communication lines wide open.
  9. Free Inspections & Code Compliance Coordination. Thorough inspections and coordination with local municipalities to walk you through the required code compliance and rental property certification with the city.
  10. Cancel Anytime. No penalties, no fees, no complicated cancellation procedure.
  11. Tax Deductible. Our fees are considered professional services and are entirely tax deductible.
  12. Specialized. We specialize in managing Single Family Homes, Condos, Duplexes and Townhomes.
  13. Property Acquisition. Our affiliate company, The Shift Group, specializes in property acquisition which puts you in a great spot to have first dibs on deals to grow your rental portfolio. Visit Build Your Portfolio to learn more.


Is Maintenance Your #1 Problem?

Video Tours Rent Sight-Unseen!

[myqtip title=’We’re so confident in our screening capabilities that we guarantee our tenants for 6 months at NO additional cost to you. Simply put, if a tenant we place ends up abandoning the property, breaking the lease, or doing anything to cause eviction (non-payment, lease violations etc), we’ll place another tenant for FREE. No ifs ands or buts. On average that’s a $650 expense!’] TenantGuarantee[/myqtip] 

Free Rental
Analysis Report
[myqtip title=’For just $15 per month, we’ll pick up the tab on all attorney fees, court costs, and filing fees for the writ of restitution (gives power to perform physical eviction with court officer present) to get the bad apple OUT. Keep your peace of mind knowing the hundreds of dollars in legal costs won’t cause a headache if your tenant goes south.’] EvictionShield[/myqtip] 

Packages & Pricing
[myqtip title=’No more waiting for a check in the mail. We get your money in your pocket ASAP with our QuickCollect Direct Deposit and an early disbursement date each month.’ ] QuickCollect[/myqtip] 


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